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Tin Pan Alley - Blues - John Lyons (solo)

I've been a fan of music since I can remember. I grew up listening to the radio in Michigan, USA and there was plenty of rock and pop but some country and blues as well as Motown. I got in to Stevie Ray Vaughan's music in the early 90's, after my 80's metal years and about the same time as the Seattle grunge scene began. A friend of mine showed me the live concert video of SRV 'Live at the El Macambo'. I was amazed by the power, the tone the speed of his guitar playing, but mostly by the soul and the feeling. Tin Pan Alley is for me one of the best slow blues songs. I've played it since many years and I always enjoy improvising guitar solos to this song.

This video was shot and streamed live on Instagram at Harley Davidson Zürich on October 30, 2018.

I teach private guitar lessons near Zürich, Here's a link:

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